Daniel Drown and Gloria Rydingsword


I have been involved in real estate for 50+ years. I have been a CPA, a real estate attorney and a real estate broker. Stanley Lo is the smartest residential real estate broker I have ever met. Because he owns his own business he can do things, to benefit his clients, that broker/agents that work for large real estate companies can not and would not over do. Mr Lo does not work for money, but rather for the satisfaction that he gets from knowing he can do a better job of buying or selling a house in his market than anyone else. He works for the praise of clients like me and my wife. He has sold two houses for us, one in Burlingame and one in San Mateo. The last one, this month, sold in four days, with four all cash offers, well above the listed price and we closed escrow in 3 days. He is able to work with other agents extremely well because they know from his 40+ years in this market when tells them something they better believe it.